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Guide to storing wine

As wine enthusiasts, we would agree that wine is not just about drinking it, it’s a lifestyle that is meant to be enjoyed one moment at a time. Apart from appreciating the wine’s history, culture and art, the journey of having a wine storage at home is about ‘taking care’ of our wines, as each bottle of wine has its own complex flavours, characters and aromas that are made pronounced with every sip when stored right.

Here's a quick tip on how to best store wine at home

Why Tuscani Wine Coolers?

To enjoy wines at its fullest potential in terms of taste, aroma and quality, wines need to be kept at a constant temperature to age naturally. Tuscani Wine Coolers are built-in with advance temperature control to cater to your cellaring needs.

Store wines like how wine connoisseurs do. Tuscani Wine Coolers are elegant yet sturdy in appearance (available in free standing or built-in installation)

Wines are cool, dark yet mysterious. Tuscani Wine Coolers are designed with toughened UV protected glass door for energy efficiency and to keep wines away from light.

Wines does not fancy the idea of sharing tight spaces. Tuscani Wine Coolers are functional in design with adjustable solid beech wooden shelves for maximum storage of wines.

Wines prefer a relaxing environment to age. Tuscani Wine Coolers no-frost cooling system and low-vibration compressor allow wines to mature steadily at a controlled humidity and temperature.